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DuffStuff is an online research site containing historic information on the people, places and various subjects concerning the County of Dufferin, Ontario, Canada. It is available free of charge and can also be accessed at the Dufferin County public libraries (Shelburne, Orangeville & Grand Valley).   

Information contained is from the primary resources and collections of the DCMA. Most of the information is unique to our collections. Original materials may be accessed by visiting the DCMA in person. Only a portion of the collection is available currently, however, new information is being added weekly by our dedicated volunteers and staff. All information includes the source.

Searches can be made on People, Local History Book Indexes, Burial Records, Veterans, Famous Persons, Full Headstone Inscriptions, Newspaper Articles, Church Records, Family trees and much more . . . ! Searches can be general subjects for interest, specific subjects for scholarly research or for writers, and is a perfect research tool for genealogists. New residents to the County of Dufferin can get to know their neighbourhood and their neighbours from the comfort of their new homes!

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What is the County of Dufferin

Established in 1881 from portions of Simcoe, Peel, Wellington and Grey Counties.  It consisted of the historic Townships of Mono, Mulmur, Melancthon, Amaranth, Luther and Garafraxa (later to become East Luther and East Garafraxa) and their smaller villages and towns including Orangeville, Shelburne and Grand Valley.

New Additions

New Collections added to Duff Stuff include:  

MILESTONE!!  5400 Veterans are now included in DuffStuff!

1. Greenwood Cemetery Headstone Transcription and Burials (to Dec 31, 2012) 

2. Orangeville Banner Index for 1948  

3. Orangeville Post transcribed

4. Shelburne Cemetery Headstone Transcription (to November 2013)


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